Love Immortal

Love Immortal
Form: Pindaric Ode

Hail! Branwen, lady of love and beauty
Gracious sister of Bran, sweet enchantress
Is this wonder of love a blessing or curse
Dear lady torture me
Oh blessed Branwen, may this soul speak
Mighty mistress, granting the gift of love
Pray tell why the path is so arduous
When the heart loves pure
So many give up in this modern day
Denying rewards of eternal joy
For though the path is an arduous one
It is a worthy walk
When love is the sacred gift of the soul
Surely it can belong to only one
Once the heart and soul has been given
In a hallowed vow
For my understanding the gift of love
The sweetest blessing with such a price
And with all my being I gladly pay it
That price is my grief
Pray Branwen, I seek in this way
Your wisdom and loving counsel
My destiny now placed in your hands
Is this how it is?