Mistress Bradstreet Stanza Notes

Created by John Berryman the Mistress Bradstreet is an eight-line stanza form. Lines 1,2, 5, and 6 have 10 syllables, lines 3 and 7 have 6 syllables, line 4 has 8 syllables and line 8 has 12, giving a beat count of 10 10 6 8 10 10 6 12.

The rhyme scheme is as follows:


There is no limit on poem length


Tarocchini by JezzieG

In ancient ways of magic, I can see
The guiding light I need to find my way
The future mine to take
While dealing cards but not in play
Acarnas major and minor please tell
What things will serve me wise and serve me well
Blessed spirits speak today
Let my eyes gaze upon what is that is to be

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