Story Behind a Picture

Story Behind a Picture
Form: Free Verse

There is a photograph of two ladies
with high-button boots
walking along the beach where the sea
sooths over the pebbles; their scarves unfurled
like the flags outside the old library
and the wind was blowing in an easterly direction;
towards the prom. The younger one, the one
with flowing blonde hair,
looks over at the older,
as if listening to what she is about to say.
And I smile, remembering the story
and I can imagine I am there, present.
How they suddenly hoisted their skirts
above the foaming waters, dashing
back towards the prom
scattering resting gulls to the heavens
above the glistening sea.
My Edwardian ladies with their delicate
lace parasols and straw boater hats
on the exact same beach
where Nana and I spend the summers
dressed in 70’s casual
beach wear –
- what would the ladies so think
and I look at Nana, pictured with
flowing blonde hair as she tells me how
so decadently she’d loosen the buttons
and her dress would fall
unceremoniously in a heap
while her mother tutted and fussed
before finishing whatever it was
she happened to be saying
as Nana ran into the sea
for a dip


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