Indiscretions in a Fruit Bowl (NaPoMo 19)

Indiscretions in a Fruit Bowl
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 19 – aa bcb dede aebcd
Theme: Love Subject: Banana

A last line to bring a new one about
This will be fruity of that there’s no doubt
This dilemma I have yet to resolve
What to do when the bananas have split
How did such a problem come to evolve?
They seemed happy living in the fruit bowl
Apples and grapes on the opposite side
Did the oranges drive you up the pole
With their shenanigans, please so confide
Is there a way we can sort it all out
Is it too late or just the stubborn pride?
I didn’t know someone else was involved
And Mr Banana cheated, the git,
With that floosy cherry, she has no soul