NaPoMo Classic Poetry Day 17 – Muse by Jo Shapcott

Jo Shapcott 1958 –


When I kiss you in all the folding places
of your body, you make that noise like a dog
dreaming, dreaming of the long run that he makes
in answer to some jolt to his hormones,
running across landfills, running, running
by tips and shoreline from the scent of too much,
but still going with head up and snout
in the air because he loves it all
and has to get away. I have to kiss deeper
and more slowly – your neck, your inner arm,
the neat creases under your toes, the shadow
behind you knee, the white angles of your groin –
until you fall quiet because only then
ca I get the damned words to come into my mouth

6 thoughts on “NaPoMo Classic Poetry Day 17 – Muse by Jo Shapcott

  1. Oh I do like that ‘bit good’! And then to top it off with ‘for sure’ – it works! It says what you mean, and no Maybe I shouldn’t say that or the tiny threads of useless considerations that tie us all down – like Gullivers in Lilliput….


    1. Only got 1 or 2, maybe 4 of her books. The NaPoMo Classics are from my collection of go-to poems. I love the leap from Jo to Gulliver – nice one


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