I wait by Julia Margaret Cameron

I wait by Julia Margaret Cameron

I wait
Collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum

Sisters Rachel and Laura Gurney were frequently models for their Aunt Julia. The figure of the angel is one which Cameron returns to again and again. In “I Wait” the angel is symbolic of the yearning to fly yet sadness in the knowledge of being earthbound. It is the wish to unite the heavens and the earth.

Julia Margaret Cameron 1815-1879

Julia Margaret Cameron
The Pre-Raphaelites, Pictorialism
Born: 11 June 1815, Calcutta, British India
Nationality: British
Died: 26 January 1879, Kalutara, British Ceylon

Cameron was a photographer is one of the most important portraitists of the 19th century. She is best known for her use of soft-focus close-ups of famous Victorian men and women, illustrative pictures depicting characters from mythology, Christianity, and literature, and sensitive portraits of both adults and children

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