Fever-brow (NaPoMo 16)

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 16 – aa bcb dede adceb
Theme: Love Subject: Washcloth

Together, forever; that’s still our ride
In sickness and health sweet love will abide
Now as I wiped the fever from your brow
It is my pleasure to be there to care
Not out of duty or any solemn vow
But my love in this moment is still true
Darling, there is nothing too much you ask
I’d do anything, anything for you
And I’ll try not to complain at the task
For better or worse I am by your side
I give you my all doing what I do
And you know I will always be right there
Forgive my tears but I can wear no mask
For you’re gone, what the hell do I do now?