Diamonds and Wine

Diamonds and Wine
Form: Free Verse

How I love to taste the wine of wild desire
wet and warm upon your ruby lips
and the diamonds of lust that sparkle
passion’s fire within your eyes
as you melt into my arms
your flesh embracing mine
and your hair glowing in the candlelight
as you kiss me
Not for us the cold loveless kisses
of virginal purity
nor the want for saintly bliss
as white as the spotless dove
for ours is the love that hungers freely
and laughs at the world of denial
for your body is mine
and my flesh is yours
as you set my soul in flames
So kiss me now
while your lips are warm and fragrant
and taste like wine
clasp my heart and hold me close
as the shining stars go pale
for ours is the pleasure
of living in love