A Little Surprised (NaPoMo 9)

A Little Surprised
Form: Epistle Sonnet 9 – aba acdbe cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Deodorant

Yet sweet memories bring me my smile back
And I can’t tell the when, how, where, or what
But tonight it was a whoosh of Lynx Black
I’m too tired to let my brains try to rack
Why on earth it would be something like that
And I admit I’m a little surprised
Perhaps you think my deodorant’s hot
Not that it matters I’m glad you are here
Even when standing on a bathroom mat
Beneath a towel my body disguised
But how to explain my gasp to the cat
Her looks says my mind is, um, compromised
But I don’t care as long as you are near
And now I will go to bed in good cheer