A Solitary Track (NaPoMo 8)

A Solitary Track
Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 8 – aba cdcd acbed ee
Theme: Love Subject: Toothpick

I just wish you were here for me to hold
But are such wishes like picking at teeth
To get me nowhere but this feeling cold
When you told me to live my life with joy
To find love and give of my love again
But such pure love is no more for this boy
It’s you I want to dance with in the rain
And with you let all my desires unfold
As my dreams wander so loose yet so coy
For it was too soon to lay that widow’s wreath
And wear old fashioned weeds of darkest black
I hope that isn’t me being too vain
This grief is now my solitary track
Yet sweet memories bring me my smile back