One Wish (NaPoMo 6)

One Wish (NaPoMo 6)
Epistle Sonnet 6 – aba abedc cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Binoculars

Come with me, my lovely, let our love free
Let us go there where the birds come to fly
On the shady paths of forest and tree
The perfect spot for us to watch and see
All our birds as they come down from on high
And I promise I won’t teach you how to fish
I’ll give you my nocs so you can see clear
Come with me once just to scratch on this itch
I’ll keep you safe; guide you from every ditch
For in the forest, there’s nothing to fear
Let’s go birding, a twitcher’s gotta twitch
And you, my love, I want you to be near
Darling, I know it’s not swanky or swish
Baby, just grant me this one single wish