Lover Sublime (NaPoMo 5)

Lover Sublime (NaPoMo 5)
Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 5 – aba cdcd abecd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Handmirror

We’re anything but boringly humdrum
Living as reflections behind the glass
Our world in reverse, as she goes, we come
In her handmirror laid by her hairbrush
Forgotten we are out of place and time
Her make up is done, there’s no need to rush
As she’s gone to meet her lover sublime
Let you and I play and sup the bay rum
For this loving is not just for the brass
So, come, my lovely, come and dance with me
Don’t be quiet or make love in a hush
We’ve got until the morning bells chime
Let’s dance and drink so we can be merry
Come with me, my lovely, let our love free