Habeas Corpus by Laurie Anderson

Habeas Corpus
Performance Art
Performed at the Park Avenue Armory, New York City

A collaboration between Anderson and Mohammed El Gharani, “Habeas Corpus,” consisted of a video installation and soundtrack. Gharani is a former Guantánamo Bay prisoner, whose story Anderson discovered through the human rights organisation Reprieve. He was arrested at aged 14 and was imprisoned for 7 years before all charges were dropped in 2009. In “Habeas Corpus,” Gharani is present through a live video transmitted from West Africa, interspersed with pre-recorded video clips cast onto a white film sculpture with swirling drones created by Anderson’s partner Lou Reed.

Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson
Performance Art, Installation Art, Video Art
Born: 5 June 1947, Illinois, USA
Nationality: American

Laurie Anderson is an avant-garde artist, composer, musician, and film director. Her work spans performance art, pop music, and multimedia projects. Initially trained as a violinist and in sculpting, Anderson pursued a variety of performance art projects in 1970s New York, particularly focusing on language, visual imagery, and technology. Anderson became widely known in 1981 when her single “O Superman” became a hit