To My Pen (NaPoMo 1)

Poet’s Notes: My Challenge to write a cycle of thirty sonnets over NaPoMo

A cycle of sonnets: The last line of the sonnet becomes the first line of the next. And to make the cycle complete the last line of the final sonnet is the first line of the first.

Sonnets are love songs so I will be keeping to that theme to give me some control and direction of content, however, the object of the poem (in some way) will be chosen by prompt gen just before I write

To stand a fair chance of completing the cycle I will keep with my familiarity with the forms and will be using the following sonnets – Ivorian, Raven’s Rovi, and Epistle

To my fellow writers of poetry – have a great month

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 1 – aa bcb dede abcede
Theme: Love Subject: A pen

NaPoMo begun, here it too will end
A journey of sonnets this year to wend
While challenging my pen and mind to think
For the days ahead are a mystery
Concealed on blank pages waiting ink
My beloved pen are you up to this task
I promise the India black is full
Be mine for thirty days all I ask
Let’s not waste the new ink staining old wool
This early spring on love we will depend
While writing this, that, and the kitchen sink
Inspired by friends, nature, and history
As we walk fields with a picnic and flask
I thank you, my love, you are wonderful