Haibun Notes

Popular in 17th-century Japan, the Haibun is a combination of prose and a haiku. The prose and haiku typically communicate with each other. The prose sets the scene or moment and haiku follows.


Well, Did You? by JezzieG

Did you hear me cry out in the night? As you loved me did you hear me cry out? Did you feel me kiss you in your sleep? After you turned out the light did you feel my kiss? Or was it a dream after we fought so hard to be the one in the right and not seeing the hurt in a lover’s eyes? Two stubborn minds and two thinking rights making the wrong. The heat of the argument drove your words to the moment you said you wished you and I were no longer us. And then I sat stunned on the floor as if you had hit me and I wished you had as it would have hurt less. In that moment you shattered my heart.

Fury and words
the acts of betrayal
caught in heartbreak

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