Flying at Forty by Erica Jong

Erica Jong

Flying at Forty

You call me
I who grew up
gnawing on books,
as some kids
on bubble gum,

who married disastrously
not once
but three times,
yet have a lovely daughter
I would not undo
for all the dope
in California.

Fear was my element,
fear my contagion.
I swam in it
till I became
The plane takes off
& I laugh aloud.
Call me courageous.

I am still alive.

Erica Jong
Born: 26 March 1942, New York, USA
Nationality: American

Jong is a novelist, satirist, and poet particularly known for her novel “Fear of Flying” (1973). The book was famously controversial for its attitudes on female sexuality and became prominent in the development of second-wave feminism