Hobbit Hole Wittering – Human Life

As a writer I write about the human condition a lot, but what is that? The way I see it, and I am probably wrong, is it looks at human life and its characteristics and life events. From birth to death and all the good and bad things that happen in between and maybe after since religion is a human characteristic too. Since when do animals do religion, they are far too sensible for that.

From the joyful moment of our birth to the merciful release from this hell when we die things happen. Some things are wonderful and fill us with delight, and they are easy to write about and easy to read. However, what about the bad things that wound us deeply and are nothing to be happy about? They are not so easy to write, and certainly not easy to read. Nonetheless like hard conversations, there is a need to write and read about them and as a writer, I shouldn’t avoid that

It is rather like the words I choose to use in a write. I have learned to not fear using words others may find offensive and if I deem them necessary for a write I use them. Subject matter must be seen in the same vein. I am learning not to be afraid of what I write about. The bad aspects of life are just as much a part of human life as the good.

Joys of being a writer I guess

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