You Showed Me

You Showed Me
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 61

Everything I know of love comes from you
In all the ways you showed me you love me
Turning my self-loathing to a better view
Such compassion you had in abundance
Understanding confusion I held within
Inviting me to learn how to romance
Reminding me love is never a sin
I wanted to love you, wanted a chance
“Take it slowly” you said, “and you will win”
Like a child learning everything was new
In you I found love and it set me free
From the doubt that held my soul in downfall
You took my hand and helped me to stand tall
And in your affection, you gained my all


3 thoughts on “You Showed Me

  1. Have you every read the book, “The Ravenmaster’s Secret: Escape From the Tower of London”? It has nothing to do with this post but it is my favorite book ever and seeing the strong presence of birds in your posts made me think of it.

    This posts evoked emotions in me and I love that btw. 🙂


    1. Possibly, I am not sure, but it rings a bell so to speak. I love the feathered friends, especially the ravens but then Raven has been a monicker for more years than I care to remember as I used to have raven black hair – used to, its kinda grey now.

      Hope emotions were good

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