Emma Dipper by Anthony Caro

Emma Dipper by Anthony Caro

Emma Dipper
Painted steel
Collection of the Tate, UK

Caro started experimenting with new technical methods and presentation formats in his work during the 1970s and abandoned the distinctive bright colours of many of his earlier sculptures. He was working in Emma Lake in Saskatchewan with the sculptor Douglas Bentham in 1977 and the remote location made sourcing the heavy metals he had used in previous pieces was difficult so Caro requested some of the light, thin steel tubes used in local industry and agriculture. “Emma Dipper” is an example of the spontaneous and instinctive creations made by Caro that seem like line drawings in the air.

Anthony Caro 1924-2013

Anthony Caro
Born: 8 March 1924, London, UK
Nationality: British
Died: 23 October 2013, London, UK

Caro was an abstract sculptor whose work is characterized by asse3mblages of metal and using found industrial objects. Caro, with his modernist style was lauded as the greatest British sculptor of his generation