Form: Flash Fiction

Esteban stopped in the reception room outside Felipe’s private rooms. It had been a long time since he, Esteban, and walked through these rooms. The old man felt his nerves twitching. Did he really want to go back to all that again? Whilst Felipe would not have aged much, if at all, as is the way of the wizards, he was now a very old man – would Felipe want him as his gentleman?

“Esteban, yo sé que estás por ahí,” the deep, and slightly dark voice of Felipe echoed through the room. So much for a discreet entrance, Esteban opened the door. Stood in front of the old Gothic fireplace was Felipe, El Mago his very self. “Hola Esteban.” The never forgotten eyes stared at the old man glistening warmly. And Esteban knew he was going to step through the doorway and sit in the chair opposite Felipe.

“El Mago, it is good to see you,” he said as he sat down.

“And you, mi viejo amigo”

“Perhaps too old”

“Tsk, Esteban, age can be dealt with, it all depends”

“On what, El Mago”

“Whether you enjoy being retired and suffering the pain of old age, or tal vez, it is time to have fun again”

“Felipe, I am an old man, what can I do?”

Felipe made a graceful wave of his hand and Esteban suddenly felt years drifting from his body. The sensations tingled within him as he felt time reversing. He should have known Felipe would take of things. His body changed from that of a frail old man until he appeared to be slightly older than Felipe. “It is up to you, mi amigo” said Felipe

Esteban stood up, the weariness of age gone, and he hugged his old friend.

“Welcome home, Esteban, your quarters are ready for you.”

Esteban nodded. “So what’s the plan, El Mago?”

“Tonight we dance. Do you think they will come?”

“Oh, they will come, you are the talk of the village”

“Bueno, so we dance, plans can wait until tomorrow”


10 thoughts on “Reunion

        1. Give it a go. This will be my 15th year of NaPoMo – now I feel old. I am aiming to do a cycle this year – eek! Why do I do this to myself? I have done 5 in cycle and that was hard, 30 is gonna be a challenge.

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                1. I got back into my free write in the morning to download – stops the bipolar going to spiral so yes it is must write. No one sees it, and I don’t read it – it’s mental garbage

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                    1. No they are not. For a star they make tangible sense, my in bed with tea free write never make sense as they are very much the bipolar creative codswallop in overdrive. It don’t make the keyboard let alone a post – good grief you’d have me taken away to the funny farm if I posted that


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