Hobbit Hole Wittering – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehn…

No, I am not singing songs from the Sound of Music, Today I received the official discharge letter – the good folk of the gender identity clinic is saying goodbye to me or it could be so long. For now, it is goodbye, I have reached the point in my journey that it is time to change trains.

Now I sit on the platform of life wondering where the next train will be taking me. Oh, I hope it’s the Orient Express, I could do with some bourgeoisie laid-back indulgence. I could even make use of my “Lord Peter” monocle. One of those mad must-have-it moments, I went and bought a monocle, what next a pair of pince-nez maybe or anything Art Deco really.

The end of this journey is a muted one as it’s been a long haul and taken over 10 years to reach this endpoint and Jezzie has been part of me for many years more than that. The way I see it I can get on with being the writer without a label. As a fellow blogger says – labels are for cans of soup and I ain’t a can of soup.

Of course, that sets my crazy brain thinking – if I was a can of soup what flavour would it be. If it’s a decision based on my favourite – then it is lentil soup. Does that make me a bloody lentil? More likely I am an Oxo cube melted in a cup of boiling water so didn’t make the can. What would Andy Warhol make of that?

Right on to the Meme of the Week

Not sure whether it’s worth a perfectly delicious cookie going soggy, but indeed there are a few

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    1. Rees-Mogg? Should I be offended at that, the man is a pretentious wart, I would say tit, but that implies he has some usefulness other than holding nanny’s hand


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