Female Figure Lying on Her Back by Dora Carrington

Female Figure Lying on Her Back by Dora Carrington

Female Figure Lying on Her Back
Life Art
Oil on Canvas
University College London Art Museum

“Female Figure Lying on Her Back” was painted during Carrington’s time as a student at the Slade School of Art in London. She entered it into a university contest and won second prize and a two-year scholarship to continue her education. Slade was the first school in the UK to permit female students to use nude models for their paintings, albeit with restrictions such as male and female students sketching the models in separate rooms, and male models for female students were, for the sake of modesty, partially covered.

Dora Carrington 1893-1932

Dora Carrington
The Bloomsbury Group Artists, Proto-Feminist Artists
Born: 29 March 1893, Hereford, England
Nationality: British
Died: 11 March 1932, Newbury, England

Carrington was a painter and decorative artist, associated with members of the Bloomsbury Group, especially the writer Lytton Strachey. She was known simply by her surname as she considered “Dora” to be vulgar and sentimental

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    1. True, I have only done life art once and that was as a student. That studio was damn cold for us students wrapped up in winter gear – I felt for the guy posing


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