The Final Frontier (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Form: Free Verse

a starship to behold
for making bold voyages
where no one had been before
strange planets and places
beaming down to the surface
will danger be waiting
never mind
that guy in red will be dead soon
and the rest will be safe
for another adventure next week
over time the captains change
and we all have a favourite
be it A, B, C, or bloody D
Picard is still best

Word Count: 73


15 thoughts on “The Final Frontier (Weekend Writing Prompt)

        1. I am the same age as Star Trek so probably didn’t see much of the original ones. I got into ST with the movies and fell in love with Spock and his logic, then Next Generation happened and the awesome Mr Stewart who I adorebubble anyway as he’s a Thesp and I had seen him in Shakespeare (when he had hair).

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          1. I was mid teens when Streak came out here in the UK ….it was okay then….looking back now it was so daft but the crew were fun especially Spock as you say a great character!
            Patrick Stewart is a great actor….have you watched Pickard on Prime this third series is excellent.
            Hope you have a good day 💜

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