The Divine Game (#Writephoto)

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

Form: Redondilla

Sixty-four squares of black and white
Thirty-two ready to make war
Each piece has its own unique might
Players’ strategy at the fore
Marching ahead, sorrowful pawn
Each forward step carrying their dread
Yet they are the backbone of brawn
Showing the game the way ahead
While rooks stand tall, guarding the keep
Moving back and forth, side to side
In straight lines they never weep
Their power supporting the ride
The knights on horseback leap around
In surprising ways they tempt fate
On a path that is never found
Winning chances for those who wait
Elegant grace the bishops move
Taking space on diagonal spines
The stealth of religion to prove
Deep behind the enemy lines
The angry queen moves in a rage
In fury hers a deadly path
She cannot be held in a cage
Beware, player, of the queen’s wrath
As for the king, he sits alone
His steps cautious, his life to save
He is the power of the throne
Will he be the one in a grave


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