Baiting His Hook (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Deplorable Sonnet

Isn’t it time you got a new car, mate?
So cool on your drive and you won’t be late
Pick up a girl and take her on a date
Take them away, I have a motorbike
I hear what you’re saying, bud, take a look
These beauties are hot. and just off the book
And the salesman keeps on baiting his hook
Take them away, I have a motorbike
But behind the wheel, man, you’ll feel alive
Give one a chance, take it for a test drive
Dude, can’t you hear no, just give it a rest
There’s a problem, mate. I ain’t done the test
I ride and a biker’s life suits me best
Take them away, I have a motorbike

Time: 9 minutes 10 seconds

Word count: 122


9 thoughts on “Baiting His Hook (Simply 6 Minutes)

    1. Thank you. Given it’s name it’s not a bad sonnet to write, and it at least ressembles a sonnet in its format. There are worse to come, sonnet form wise, as we are getting close to the “F’s”

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        1. A few forms have variations of rhyme scheme, there are three for the limerick. As far as I know there is nothing quite like the sonnet. I am no competition as I write sonnets for my own pleasure in the form.

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