Hobbit Hole Wittering – Guilty Pleasure

I’m not sure there is such a thing as a guilty pleasure. If one enjoys something and it ain’t hurting no one what is there to feel guilty about. I think too often we are made to feel bad about what makes us feel good be that a bar of chocolate, a movie, music, or even sex. I believe we are meant to enjoy life, and not feel guilty or ashamed of every damn moment of joy we get. So my guilty pleasure is I don’t feel guilty about it. Over it!

I missed the Meme last week. It was an intense write so I thought it would be out of place. Well, that’s my excuse, and not that I had tech issues sending a meme from my phone to my PC. Oh no, it wasn’t that at all!!!

Meme of the Week

This one absolutely nails me, 100%. The amount of coffee I need to drink to keep my sarky mouth zipped gets higher every day. No, I don’t feel guilty about that


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