Stargazers Gather

A Garret Poet

Stargazers Gather
Form: Deibhidhe

The lunar mists fade and melt,
Bow to Orion's blue belt
As stargazers at the gate
Stand gathered in a dream state.

Still, the moon smiles as she stirs,
Brewing dreams from dazzling blurs,
Fantasies of slumber form
Starry fence against night's storm.

Silver shadows finely lace
Midnight's time in muted mace,
As dreamers escape the days
Where sleeping dares darker ways.

As I fathom my fears, I find
Mercy dreams in my mind
From fear and pain set me free
And take the terrors from me


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8 thoughts on “Stargazers Gather

  1. Excellent image pairing, I have never seen anything ,like these, they are spectacular. The way you highlight your stanzas gives the poem an other worldly feel, a conveyor belt of sorts, it is interesting and only adds to the imagery present in the poem and then reflects back to the images, as if they are both on a conveyer belt separated by one being word and the other being image, it makes your work read as though it is a metaphor for transcendence through space travel or stargazing. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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