Hobbit Hole Wittering – Roaring Lion

The old saying is March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. The speed at which this year seems to be going that lion didn’t have time to grunt let alone roar. I look at my diary and think oh yeah I will relax in April maybe. That lamb ain’t gonna have time to go baa. So much for me slowing up a bit. I don’t think I really want to slow up, I like being occupied and the very idea of sitting around doing nothing fills me with abject horror.

The National Gallery, London, UK

I did find time to make a trip to London and lose myself in the National Gallery for the day. It doesn’t take much to lose myself in art galleries, let’s face it, but this is the National, and just walking across Trafalgar Square to the beautiful portico entrance is magical. This was a visit for my own pleasure and probably a bit daft as I am booked to visit again this month for the After Impressionism exhibition. Oh well, it is all art, and as a certain GG once said art is the most pleasurable lover – perhaps she was telling me something there. Without GG art is the only lover I want.

Study for “La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat, 1884-85. Oil on wood. Room 43, National Gallery, London, UK

This last trip I chose to get up close and personal with Georges Seurat through his paintings. Room 43 of the National Gallery was my pleasure zone, I always find it hard to choose just one painting, as they all have something inherently beautiful to share. However, one painting struck me in the solar plexus and it is a study for Seurat’s masterpiece “La Grande Jatte,” which I happen to love. I find this grey shadowy figure, intended for positioning in the final work, haunting and it draws me into it.


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