Some of the saddest love songs are sonnets – thank you, Kaci, you did this one so proud. I am honoured, hope you don’t mind me reblogging

Kaci Rigney

JezzieG invented a new poetic form called the Epistle Sonnet. I thought I would try it. Check out his poetry.

Forty-five years ago today, my brother Donnie died. Last night, we had a scare with another family member. I’ve written a few poems about Donnie. I wrote this poem just this morning. Thought it was appropriate for the day.

Donnie, a 45th Memory

the days and weeks and years go by
still, every day I think of you
some days crawl, while others fly

e’er since we said our last goodbye
we both were young; your spring was new
but winter’s blast came all too soon
and blew you far away from me
and whisked you, then, to heaven fair

a raging storm, a great typhoon
our small ship tossed against the sea
wrecked- except for Mother’s croon
that kept us from the fathoms deep

now, Mother sings with Brother…

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