Metal March Day 8

War Pigs
Black Sabbath

Like many writers, I have created some characters who I hold dear. It is almost 20 years ago I was sitting in my room facing the biggest do-or-die decision I hope I ever have to make. “War Pigs” came on the radio and some random ideas popped into my head – I am a writer I wrote them down. Those ideas became the introduction to a set of stories that are ongoing even now. It didn’t say if the two guys escaping hell made it or not but they had to escape. Kip and Gai had come into being. It was in the writing I made the decision to do rather than die.

The Crossing – Introduction by JezzieG

The mist was heavy with the scent of freedom. The freedom that was beginning to slowly emerge with each step we took forward. Our pulses were racing as the dawn light got brighter and our footsteps took on a more urgent pace.

Our absence would be soon noticed, and we knew it. The fake bodies made of old sheets and blankets lying together in bed would not fool anyone in the light of day. Honestly, I do not think they would have fooled anyone in the night either, but we had to get away, there was no time to make works of art,

At last, we were on the bridge. As if our legs knew the end was near, they broke into a run. And the air echoed with the sound of ricocheting bullets as our bodies were swallowed in the mist…

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