Deibide Baise Fri Tuin Notes

The Deibide Baise Fri Tuin is an Irish poetic form that uses rhymes with mild swings in line length.

The stanzas are quatrains with a couplet rhyme scheme aabb. Lines 1 and 2 end on a two-syllable word and lines 3 and 4 on a monosyllabic word. Line 1 consists of 3 syllables, lines 2 and 3 have 7 syllables, and line 4 has 1 syllable. This gives the following structure:



Constant Rewind by JezzieG

In darkness
With clarity and starkness
We see the light meant to be

Of fashion
As senses breathe with passion
And the old words of romance

But instead
The past endlessly reread
A mind on constant rewind

We survive
But never to be alive
For love to be it’s too late

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