Deacon (AWAD)

Inspired by A Word a Day – my thanks to Anu Garg

and also the writings of the novelist Dorothy L Sayers and her novel The Nine Tailors

Form: Free Verse

A bad winter in Fenchurch St Paul
a crescendo of bells
in hope for a better year to come
yet a single bell tolls in the night
another death from Spanish flu
Deacon was not a good man
but he laid in a lady’s grave
murdered they said
but by who?
Lord Peter would know what to do
and Bunter too
cutting a long story short
no one killed Deacon
although he deserved it
it were Gaude and Sabaoth
John, Jericho, and Jubilee
Dimity and Batty Thomas
not forgetting Tailor Paul
that signed his death warrant
their tongues clamouring in exultation
brazen as they danced to the leaping ropes
on that New Year’s night
them did it
and I call that Karma


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