Hidden in Secrets

A Garret Poet

Hidden in Secrets
Form: Loose Sapphics

Feel the scourge of pain as it cleanses darkness
kiss ordeals that test your belief as pathways
lit by love of truth in these ways of wisdom
hidden in secrets.

Look inside the plumes of incense that rise up
breathe in spirits, ancient and wise to fill you
let your soul embrace the intent within age
dance with the old ones.

Merry meet the element flames to warm you
watch the dancers swirl in the fire’s last embers
feed the will with heat and desire all knowledge
pray with the heart’s beat.

Seek all needs in watery pools of living
act with grace in service of Lady, divine
search the heart for answers and find honesty
reach for the moonlight.

Tread the Earth with kindness in lightest footsteps
trust in her, the giver of life, our Mother
work in ways of love’s understanding purpose

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