Spirit in Action

This says it all for me. I am not a religious person, I don’t believe in gods/goddesses apart from their usefulness as metaphors for the cycles of life, the earth, the universe, and anything else the human mind cannot understand yet. Yes, that is saying I am an atheist and reject the concept of there being some deity or almighty being. I also reject human-made and human-organized religions.

I am not just good, I am wonderful without god. I know wrong from right, I respect the planet earth and the life it provides all living things. I learn from my experiences, not someone else’s which may well be wrong for me. I observe nature and try living in tune with that natural rhythm, and yes I feel nature in a spiritual oneness as I am of nature and nature is of me. Observing nature, flowing with it, or letting it flow over me is spirit in action.

As a nature witch, I understand that I can use nature to empower me or those I love with protection and healing. I understand and I am still learning to understand that everything has energy and those energies provide balance and harmony. The intent I put behind channelling those energies is what matters and spiritually good or positive intent is beneficial.

In love and light
Raven )O(

3 thoughts on “Spirit in Action

  1. I think you may well be in tune with my Rowan tree Jezz. I hate organised religion too, though it used to be part of my life a long time ago. The director of my MTh course was a pagan priest

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    1. The Rowan has awesome energy, I have one in my garden. Yeah I’m the same indoctrinated in my youth and woke uo as I hit my teens. I love the art and architecture but don’t get that awesome feeling of spirituality in the buildings like I do when in a forest, on the mountains, or wandering a beach or riverbank.


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