Dragon’s Eye

A Garret Poet

Dragon’s Eye
Form: Octave

In winter’s bleakness under greying skies
Beneath the moon’s eternal silver light
I feel the darkness burning in my eyes
And fear returns to haunt my dreams tonight.
From where I do not know I hear their sighs
To guide my soul away from paths of plight.
Where will they lead me, I do not know,
But wherever they are my heart will go.

In love they take me out of flesh and skin
revealing truth in ancient stories told
and look inside to where all dreams begin
as misty curls now mingle new with old
Already done before in ways of sin
they cleanse my soul so I may hold
inside my heart the love they gave to me
and find the path of light to set me free.

A dragon’s eye upon the power’s sword
amethyst kissed by virgin’s gentle lips
is bound to…

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