Danny O’Dare by Shel Silverstein

Danny O’Dare

Danny O’Dare, the dancin’ bear,
Ran away from the County Fair,
Ran right up to my back stair
And thought he’d do some dancin’ there.
He started jumpin’ and skippin’ and kickin’,
He did a dance called the Funky Chicken,
He did the Polka, he did the Twist,
He bent himself into a pretzel like this.
He did the Dog and the Jitterbug,
He did the Jerk and the Bunny Hug.
He did the Waltz and the Boogaloo,
He did the Hokey-Pokey too.
He did the Bop and the Mashed Potata,
He did the Split and the See Ya Later.
And now he’s down upon one knee,
Bowin’ oh so charmingly,
And winkin’ and smilin’–it’s easy to see
Danny O’Dare wants to dance with me.

Shel Silverstein 1930-1999

Shel Silverstein
Born: 25 September 1930, Illinois, USA
Nationality: American
Died: 10 May 1999, Florida, USA

Silverstein was a writer known for cartoons, songs, and children’s books. He appeared as Uncle Shelby in some of his work. His books have been translated into over 30 languages and have sold more than 20 million copies. Silverstein grew up in the Logan Square neighbourhood of Chicago and attended Roosevelt High School and the University of Illinois. He was expelled from the university and enrolled in the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts before being drafted into US Army to serve in Japan and Korea

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