Fragile love..


Fragile love

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Love is tender. A wise person know to be kind and not be negative to the sweet people who attempt to love us. "

                            Fragile love..

You have been lingering upon my thoughts.
We have made promises we could not keep.

Sweet words, kind words made me wish for faraway places that I can’t arrive at.

Fragile love is like walking on a tight rope without a safety net.

What are the value of words?
Temptation allured the lonely in heart.
Making them wish to fall into serene arms of a kind lover.

You are far away from me. The great sea separate us.

I have my pen and paper.
Kind words and photos to make me know.
I’m alone and you are faraway.

Fragile love based on people.
Separated and seeking different places and goals.
Will find dead-ends and sadness.
No fairytale…

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