Hobbit Hole Witterings – A Dog and Cat Morning

This weekend looking out my window it is sunny, the pond is glistening and I can see the koi flitting about. I can’t hear the water as I ain’t opened my window yet as it is still cold. The shrubs and ground are also sparkling in the sun thanks to a bit of frost. Yeahp, it’s still cold but is beautiful.

The bluetits are busy on the bird table and they have been joined by a sparrow or two. Mornings in the garden are my favourite thing, Lilydog likes to mooch about, and if she is feeling energetic jump up on the pond edge to check in on the fish. She ignores the birds. She’ll mooch about some more come in for some breakfast then head back to bed for some duvet time. She likes her duvet time and at her age who can blame her.

Shadow the Ninja cat takes a bit longer to come in for her breakfast. She mooches about as much as Lilydog but takes more of an interest in the birds. so will watch them for a bit. other than watching she wouldn’t know what to do with a bird, her Ninja skills are purely to torment the hoomans – and she is excellent at that.

The two ladies now breakfasted and settled for the morning. I have my coffee and a digestive, time to hit the keys.

Meme of the Week

This week it is the Queen of the Meme – Grumpy Cat

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