42nd Street movie theater audience, N.Y.C. 1958 by Diane Arbus

42nd Street movie theater audience, N.Y.C. 1958 by Diane Arbus

42nd Street movie theater audience, N.Y.C. 1958
Street Photography
Gelatin silver print
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Arbus’ fascination with photography began with photographing movie theatres and audiences. One of her early photos, “42nd Street Movie Theater Audience” captures the hunched-up bodies underneath the flared light of a projector revealing the complicated social process of taking pictures and the humble beginnings of Arbus’ career.

Diane Arbus 1923-1971


Diane Arbus
Straight Photography, Street Photography, Documentary Photography, Modern Photography, Identity Art and Identity Politics
Born: 14 March 1923, New York, USA
Nationality: American
Died: 26 July 1971, New York, USA

Arbus was a photographer who photographed a wide range of subjects during her career including strippers, carnival performers, children, mothers, couples, elderly people, and families. Arbus is noted for expanding the concepts of acceptable subject matter and not objectifying her subjects so as to capture them with a rare psychological intensity