A Chorus by Elizabeth Jennings

A Chorus

Over the surging tides and the mountain kingdoms,
Over the pastoral valleys and the meadows,
Over the cities with their factory darkness,
Over the lands where peace is still a power,
Over all these and all this planet carries
A power broods, invisible monarch, a stranger
To some, but by many trusted. Man’s a believer
Until corrupted. This huge trusted power
Is spirit. He moves in the muscle of the world,
In continual creation. He burns the tides, he shines
From the matchless skies. He is the day’s surrender.
Recognize him in the eye of the angry tiger,
In the sign of a child stepping at last into sleep,
In whatever touches, graces and confesses,
In hopes fulfilled or forgotten, in promises

Kept, in the resignation of old men –
This spirit, this power, this holder together of space
Is about, is aware, is working in your breathing.
But most he is the need that shows in hunger
And in the tears shed in the lonely fastness.
And in sorrow after anger.

Elizabeth Jennings 1926-2001

Elizabeth Jennings
Born: 18 July 1926, Lincolnshire, England
Nationality: English
Died: 26 October 2001, Oxfordshire, England

Jennings was a poet and regarded as a traditionalist. She is known for her lyric poetry and her mastery of form. Jennings’ work displays shares a simplicity of meter and rhyme with poets such as Philip Larkin, Thom Gunn, and Kingsley Amis. Jennings maintained whilst her life contributed to the themes within her writing, she did not write explicitly autobiographic poetry