Crystals – Amazonite

The Amazonite was treasured by the ancient Egyptians who used it to make beautiful jewellery and ornamental objects. It is a pale green-coloured mineral rock and is believed to have been first discovered in the 10th century BCE in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil.


Amazonite is believed to hold many metaphysical and healing properties. It is often used to soothe the nervous system and give us control over our emotions. Associated with the Third Eye, Heat, and Throat chakras it is often worn as a necklace and believed to bestow truth, integrity, and honour on the wearer.

Amazonite is also used to treat fatigue, trauma, and anything that drains energy away from the individual. Its healing quality is gentle and is also useful in a general manner. to promote a harmonious balance between the self and others.

Affirmation: My relationship with myself and others is honest and harmonious.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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