Hobbit Hole Witterings – Marmite Toast and Coffee

Prompt: What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

For a start I now know I need a better prompt generator so it doesn’t fire dickhead twatting questions at me; that is just sucky horrible– the task for the week then, find a better gen priority one.

Surely the term weird is subjective given I enjoy eating them so to me they are totally normal. My housemate tells me my liking for dunking my Marmite toast in coffee is a bit freaky. Naturally, the fact he is a Marmite hater is beyond freaky in my mind. That really is my point, Marmite toast and coffee is something I have done since I was a student in a mad hurry to get to early morning lectures, and has stayed with me. It isn’t a fine dining experience it is simply a quick way of having something to eat and drink before I get on with living.

Enough of that twattery. I have a wonderful friend who sends me memes she thinks will crack me up. She gets it right most of the time. Anyway she suggested I choose one a week as my meme of the week, so here we are just for the raving bonkersbat I call a friend

Meme of the Week

When I am writing I normally have background fluff going on in the form of music, despite my love of the heavy headbanging rock genre I try to avoid that while working as they can be distracting and if I know the lyrics too well, they suddenly appear in what I am writing. Who knew Lord Byron wrote some of the lyrics of Metallica – not me until I came to edit a piece. This has got me thinking, I do get inspiration from random lyrics from songs which is cool, of course, it’s cool, inspiration is always cool. As I jot these things down as they come to me it all comes at random, as a song I heard months or even years ago hits the top of the prompt list. That is the case this week, I haven’t listened to the song for at least a couple of years which makes me think a random lyric would be kinda cool here Of course, I will put a youtubey with it if there is one. Here goes…

“Dancin’ to the sound of clarinets”

from I Remember Yesterday by Donna Summer. Yes, I said Donna Summer, don’t look so shocked, she was one of Gabbie’s faves so no surprise why her songs appear in my playlist

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                1. The resulting prize is in my china cabinet – a breakfast set in the shape and colours of Marmite jars – the tepot and suguar bowl even have lickle yellow lids


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