The song of the white wolf..



The song of the white wolf..

The luminous sky above us and we watch. The sun and the moon. Kissed hello and kissed goodbye.
We burn sage for our world and we pray to the starry night.
We seek the quiet sea and the never-ending night.
We ask the Goddess of the sea, Amphitrite.
Please allow us to dance and sing for the night.
Please allow us to escape the madness of our world.
I told my dearest friend, my dearest love.
Dear White Wolf, if I lost you.
I would lose my muse, I would lose myself.
She kissed me once, she kissed me many times.
She whispered to me. I am here.
The night is long and let’s pray for more.
Let’s pray we can find safe place where life is love,
love is life.

Tonight we shall howl to the moon, tonight we shall dance for the stars. 

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