Pregunta Notes

A Spanish form, the Pregunta poses a question and offers a response.

It is usually written as a collaborative poem.

The first stanza presents the question(s) and the second stanza gives an answer whilst keeping the form and structure of the first stanza

Quick note: The first stanza sets the structure for the second half of the poem. Not only does it decide the subject through the question (or questions) it asks, but it also decides the structure and form of the poem.


More Than Stars by JezzieG

She asked if she mattered
in a world where opinions count
more than the stars?
Does she shine light in the darkness
and will I remember her name
would my living be the same
if I lived without her?

I said I am flattered
in her world, my opinions count
she is my star
and the only light in my darkness
my lips will always call her name
living is just not the same
in this world without her

4 thoughts on “Pregunta Notes

  1. Wow! Beautiful! Fist read through was lovely. There’s more to your poem than meets the eye. I went back to check for form, syllable count, etc. I love how each second stanza line connected to its counterpart in the first stanza. Brilliantly done. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

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