37th Piece of Work by Carl Andre

37th Piece of Work
Aluminium, copper, steel, lead, magnesium, and zinc
Collection François Pinault, Venezia, Italy

Installed in 1970 at the Guggenheim Museum, “37th Piece of Work” formed part of Andre’s first solo exhibition in a public museum. The sculpture is a museum piece and includes the six most commonly used metals of the periodic table. Each metal is paired with another according to all thirty-six combinations, with a total of 1296 individual plates.

Carl Andre
Minimalism, Conceptual Art
Born: 16 September 1935, Massachusetts, USA
Nationality: American

Carl Andre

Andre is an artist known for his ordered linear and grid structures. His sculptures range from large public and interior artworks to small intimate works. Andre married the earth-body artist Ana Mendicieta. In 1985, following an argument, she fell from their apartment window and died. Andre was charged with second-degree murder in 1988 and was acquitted in a bench trial