One Liner Wednesday – Messages

Inspired by and written for One-Liner Wednesday – thank you, Linda

Note: I believe we can use quotes here, let me know if I have got it wrong, please xx

My life is my message.
Mahatma Gandhi

10 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Messages

  1. This is my first time seeing this quote. I love it because it fits right in with my prior beliefs. A lot of pressure is put on me, especially as a black male young artist, to be SPECIFICALLY this and that for the sole purpose of influencing the communities (mainly male, black, Haitian, adult, black artist) that I’m a part of in a positive and productive way. The struggle that I have with this expectation of me is that when someone looks at me as a part of any of these categories, they expect me to fall in line with a certain expectation. I don’t agree with that. Neither do I like that. I believe that by simply keeping myself alive and taking care of myself the best that I can everyday, I am being an exemplary member of the black community—for example. Staying alive is key here, unfortunately. I believe that by chasing my freedom regardless of what others may think (even the opinions of those who fully support me), I am being an exemplary member of the male community—especially when considering the captivity of toxic masculinity. I believe that just by creating at my own pace, even though I always turn my back to go clock-in for my day job, I am being an exemplary artist. I don’t need to be producing content heavily—especially black activism-themed content—and I don’t need a certain level of recognition to be an “artist” (even though the recognition is a part of my big bad plan). I believe that I don’t have to be monetarily, actively, educationally, spiritually or culturally supporting Haiti in order to be a “decent” Haitian, a “real” Haitian, or just a Haitian. Living my life and always correcting people, “No. I am Haitian. I just happen to have an American citizenship” is enough. I don’t have to be racking up debt, bills, have a stable job, all the while building a family to be properly “adulting”. Again, I’m legally an adult—alive and thriving. That’s more than enough. We should’ve stopped at being legally an adult for these qualifications. I don’t have to start an organization, support a fund, or put my name behind a movement to be a promoter of these ideals. My life is my message. Me being alive while being my full self should send the message that I, too, am a part of the revolution even though I am not fighting like everyone else is fighting or like everyone else is expecting their counterparts to fight. My life is my message.

    I surely hope that is what Gandhi meant with that quote lol

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    1. Totally get what you are saying, dude. Living our authentic selves is our message. The labels of colour, race, gender, sexuality, age, and so on forever, should have no relevance – we are all human, we are all unique. The labels do not define us

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