Inglorious Queen (writephoto)

Courtesy Of KL Caley

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

I know it’s a British Naval ship, but I’m reading about Bismarck so going with that

Inglorious Queen
Form: Free Verse

From the annuls of war
battles claiming the seas
for the control of the waters
between us and them
a ship set sail
on a maiden voyage
proud in her shades of grey
the queen of the German fleet
heading north
to where bussers once sailed
from the lands of the Vikings
where she met His Majesty’s navy
first the salvos of warrior ships
then from the air
the bombs attacked
sealing her fate
crippled at sea
in the strait of Denmark
she was sunk by her men
without glory
yet her name, Bismarck
lives on


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