In Honour of Bagpuss

Some years back I used to write a weekly piece for a small press magazine. My page space was called Hobbit Hole Witterings, a reflection of my love for Tolkien and the fact I am a short butt. The Hobbit Hole was my bedroom – got a bit more workspace these days so the Hobbit Hole is now my desk in the living room where I work from. My companion back then was an undersized munchkin cat who went by the name of Bagpuss and would sit behind my laptop screen – yes she was that tiny – while I was working, occasionally popping her head over the screen for a fuss. Sadly the small press magazine has gone the way of many independents and Bagpuss was called to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 12.

So why am I writing about this now? I am going through my old work files and found the articles from back then. Reading through a few I thought why not do it again on my blog. Little pieces on random things or observations, and occasionally a rant letting off steam about something stupid in the world. My companion at my desk now is Shadow, and Lily is underneath. They don’t seem to be disapproving of my calling it the Hobbit Hole.

So here we are, the threesome, on a cold Sunday evening. Oh sounds awful – right? However, Lily and I took our evening plod, c’mon she is 14 in March she doesn’t do walks she does plods, just as the sun was going down and the sky was magnificent shades of red. Now I was taught red sky at night, shepherd’s delight so that means sunshine tomorrow. Who needs weather forecasters when the old ancient sayings and traditions work far better.

The seaweed out the window never fails, of course. If it’s raining the seaweed is wet, if not it will be dry – well go figure, no one is surprised by that. But the little kid me of 4-5 years old, a bloody long time ago, believed my Nanna was doing magic with that. And the fireworks at Guy Fawkes were for her birthday and she was 21. Such was the magical days of innocence and anything could be true. Somehow that innocent sweet child became cynical, don’t believe anything, me.

Anyway, that’s quite enough to get the ball rolling on the new Hobbit Hole Witterings.

Til next time