Vårnatt og seljekall by Nikolai Astrup

Vårnatt og seljekall by Nikolai Astrup

Vårnatt og seljekall
Hand-coloured woodcut

Astrup took an interest in Japanese woodcutting whilst studying in Paris in 1901. He started producing his own woodcuts in 1914. “Vårnatt og seljekall” (the call of the Seljie or goat willow tree) makes reference to the sound made by the wind as it passes through the Seljie tree. Astrup portrays the “calling” tree as a troll-like creature clawing at the sky, silhouetted against a natural background of a lake and mountains. Astrup reveals an ambivalent relationship with his surroundings both calm and serene, yet dark and menacing.

Nikolai Astrup
Born: 30 August 1880, Bremanger, Norway
Nationality: Norwegian
Died: 21 January 1928, Førde, Norway

Nikolai Astrup 1880-1928

Astrup was a modernist painter with a distinctive and innovative style noted for its intense use of colour depicting the landscapes of Vestlandet and the traditional way of life in the region

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