Windflowers JW Waterhouse

Form: Ekphrasis

Alone, I stood alone in our garden
my eyes staring listlessly into the night
lifeless in the darkness
except for the constant yearning
of my lost heart
and my sorrowful mind thinking
of her
images of her consuming my thoughts
instantly and completely
and I want to cry
cry the tears to regain my empty soul
perhaps if I close my eyes I will see
see her light
for our love was born here in the garden
breathing the dew of passion’s serenity
with her beauty like the blossoming flowers
enchanting my senses and being
that first kiss as gentle as the summer breeze
entwined with the scent of silken hair
and her skin like the morning sun
inviting my eyes to meet her iris blue gaze
with a whispering kiss sealing my eternity
in the nature of her beauty
here in our garden
was reality but a dream?


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